5 days to go!‏

Hi All!

Only 5 days to go now and everything is nearly ready for Saturday!

So let’s go through a few things before you set off on your trip to Dorset…

First, the weather!

The forecast is looking good, with the promise of a bright sunny day But remember to bring something to wrap up warm in case it’s cold. Also, wellies may not be a bad idea because, although we’re now expecting a dry day, can we actually trust the weather forecast??? Hmmm…



Car parking

For those of you coming to the wedding ceremony by car, there is a pay-and-display car park at Bournemouth Town Hall. In case this car park is full, there are on-street pay-and-display parking spaces on Bourne Avenue and Braidley Road.

There will be a few parking spaces at Winkton Common Farm but not enough to accommodate all cars, so please be prepared to park in the nearby area. I believe on-street parking in the area is free but I’ll check this information soon and post it here.



By now, we hope that you were able to find a place to stay, but in case you’re still searching for accommodation, then please check this website: http://www.visitchristchurch.info/accommodation. A few friends found B&Bs offering good deals there.



Camping at Winkton Common Farm should be fine from Friday onwards as there won’t be toilet facilities before then.

Ok, so have we forgotten anything else here? If so then please get in touch!

Love from

Aline, Ray & Ícaro x x x


Picnic or music festival weather?‏

As the big day draws closer and closer so do the nerves!

The big ?is what’s the weather going to be like on the 21st July 2012??? Is it going to be sunny so that we can throw our blankets on the grass and enjoy a nice summery picnic? Or is it going to be wet, windy and cold so in this case we better wrap ourselves with the blankets and bring our wellies to enjoy a nice music festival atmosphere?
The long range weather forecast tells there’s still hope!
We could do better though with a few degrees warmer!
So let’s keep all our fingers crossed wishing for a sunny and warm day!
May the good weather be with us!!!

Aline, Ray & Ícaro xxx
P.s.: just in case, bring warm clothes and waterproof shoes! 

Videos, photos & stuff…

Dear Everyone,

Hi again! 🙂

We would like to ask you all to help us to capture every single moment of our special day by taking pictures and recording videos during the ceremony and the party using your own cameras! Though during the ceremony, only one video camera will be allowed and pictures can be taken without flash and sound. At the end of the ceremony, time will be allowed for pictures and extra videos. After the wedding, you will have the chance to upload the photos and videos online or simply send them to us by post in a USB memory stick or CD. We would be very grateful if you could do this for us 😉

We’re expecting to have quite a few children between 7 months and 13 years old in the party, so in order to make the day interesting for them too, it would be great if you could bring along some toys and games. Ideas for party games are also welcome!

For those of us bringing babies, there will be space for travel cots in the ‘baby & children yurt’ so that the little ones can take their beauty naps comfortably.

That’s all for now!

Love from A, R & I x x


Less than a month to go now!

In exact one month from today, we will be travelling to Brazil on our three weeks long honeymoon (and visiting family trip)!

We expect to be recovered from our big wedding bash by then, otherwise it will be longest 14 hours ever! Unless we fall asleep on the plane, which is unlikely since we’ll be carrying the little one with us and two children (Lillie & Max).

So, here are some updates about our wedding day.

The camping area at Winkton Common Farm is now totally booked out. It proved to be a very popular choice!

There will be a very cool yurt in the party kindly lent to us by Wild in Style for a children and baby area (sorry adults). Have a look at their website to see some of the amazing Yurts and Gypsy Caravans sorted out by Big Al, our wilderness friend!!!!

We’re still in search for a rock band to play in our party – any ideas anyone, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Faith No More, G n R, Black Sabbath style cover songs?

So, pretty much everything is now ready for our big day 🙂

Have you found your costumes yet? Remember, science fiction or fantasy (just to clarify not your own fantasies Henri!). Oh and it’s not fancy dress for the ceremony unless you want, it’s a free country afterall (unless you live in London and don’t want missiles on your roof ).

That’s all for now and see you on our big day! 🙂

Some exciting news!

Hello everyone!

We hope that you’re all well and happy 🙂

42 days to go until our big day and by now, you should know what you’re going to be dressed as at our fancy dress party 😉 but don’t worry if you still aren’t sure. We’re also finding it tricky to choose Ícaro an outfit as we both think he’s going to hate us for whatever costume we choose for him. Imagine when he’s older and looks at the wedding pictures! Oh, dear… Nevermind… :p

Our wedding party is going to be a very international event. Some people will be travelling all the way from Estonia and back on a motorbike! (!!!!!!!). How cool is that?! Other friends will drive from Germany and France, whilst others will be coming from Sweden, Cyprus and maybe from Brazil! So, as you can see, we’re going to leave a long carbon footprint behind us but we’ll try to offset it by using as little water, electricity and non-recyclable as possible. It might not be enough, though…

Most people, however, will be travelling from locations within the UK, so if you need a lift or can give one then please leave a message on the new page Lifts.

That’s all for now and see you soon!

A, R & I

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Wedding

Hello all!

Welcome to our wedding site. This is a galactic compendium of all the information you need about the big day, updates and news (although the authors cannot be held responsible for any misinformation, disinformation or information on the site ;)).

Some information about accommodation is available plus how to find the wedding and reception venues.

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Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ray, Aline & Icaro.