Our Story

Ray and Aline met at a friend’s barbecue party. Their first impressions about each other weren’t great. Ray thought Aline was snob and Aline, on the other hand, thought Ray was arrogant!

Working at the same place, they didn’t speak to each other for a long time, until one day Aline needed a lift and Ray was kind enough to offer her one. During the short ride in Ray’s car, Aline thought that he wasn’t too bad after all. In fact, they discovered they had a lot in common! Same age, same Chinese zodiac sign, large families, lots of siblings, passion for the outdoors… Plus, Aline thought Ray was cute and Ray thought Aline was hot!

They became good friends for a while, and sometime later, the friendship turned into something else…

Ray and Aline got together and that felt so right! From both of their perspectives, it was THE relationship that they had been waiting for. Over a year later, they went for a nice afternoon walk in Chichester Harbour. There, in the most beautiful scenery, Ray got on one knee and showed Aline a beautiful engagement ring. The moment was absolutely perfect, apart from the fact that Ray actually forgot to ask Aline to marry him! She did understand what he meant, though, and asked: “are you asking me to marry you?” to which he replied “yes!” Aline said yes, of course, and couldn’t stop staring at her ring 🙂

Their initial plan was set for 2 PhD degrees, then wedding and babies later, but things changed along the way and they decided to change the plan! Before PhDs and wedding, they decided to go for the most important and happiest event of their lives: the birth of baby Ícaro Harry! Two hearts became three; a beautiful and happy family of three!

Ray’s PhD is in the oven and almost totally baked, whilst Aline’s is on the shelf as she is enjoying each moment of motherhood to the full!

The rest of the story, well, you’re part of it!

Thank you for reading!

Love from

Ray, Aline & Ícaro x x x


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