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Videos, photos & stuff…

Dear Everyone,

Hi again! 🙂

We would like to ask you all to help us to capture every single moment of our special day by taking pictures and recording videos during the ceremony and the party using your own cameras! Though during the ceremony, only one video camera will be allowed and pictures can be taken without flash and sound. At the end of the ceremony, time will be allowed for pictures and extra videos. After the wedding, you will have the chance to upload the photos and videos online or simply send them to us by post in a USB memory stick or CD. We would be very grateful if you could do this for us 😉

We’re expecting to have quite a few children between 7 months and 13 years old in the party, so in order to make the day interesting for them too, it would be great if you could bring along some toys and games. Ideas for party games are also welcome!

For those of us bringing babies, there will be space for travel cots in the ‘baby & children yurt’ so that the little ones can take their beauty naps comfortably.

That’s all for now!

Love from A, R & I x x



Some exciting news!

Hello everyone!

We hope that you’re all well and happy 🙂

42 days to go until our big day and by now, you should know what you’re going to be dressed as at our fancy dress party 😉 but don’t worry if you still aren’t sure. We’re also finding it tricky to choose Ícaro an outfit as we both think he’s going to hate us for whatever costume we choose for him. Imagine when he’s older and looks at the wedding pictures! Oh, dear… Nevermind… :p

Our wedding party is going to be a very international event. Some people will be travelling all the way from Estonia and back on a motorbike! (!!!!!!!). How cool is that?! Other friends will drive from Germany and France, whilst others will be coming from Sweden, Cyprus and maybe from Brazil! So, as you can see, we’re going to leave a long carbon footprint behind us but we’ll try to offset it by using as little water, electricity and non-recyclable as possible. It might not be enough, though…

Most people, however, will be travelling from locations within the UK, so if you need a lift or can give one then please leave a message on the new page Lifts.

That’s all for now and see you soon!

A, R & I