Party Venue

The wedding party will be at Winkton Common Farm, Stony Lane (opposite n. 222), Burton, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 7LB, on Saturday 21st July 2012, at 2 pm.

The farm is located in the beautiful Avon Valley, alongside the River Avon. The farm occupies a floodplain meadow and is home to cows, goats and chicken, and some wild swans, ducks, geese and otters.

Winkton Farm

By the River Avon

Aline, Ícaro & Christine's goats 🙂

Map to Winkton Common Farm:


Alternate map to Winkton Common Farm:

  1. I will definitely print out the first map to find my way to Winkton Farm!
    Hopefully the francophone enemy will support my right of way while marching through their terretory to the British Isles… my compass and a letter from German Queen “Angela” shell guide me to your land…

  2. Not to be fear my dear friend Bastian. The Cypriot warriors will guide you through your journey to Winkton Farm. We shall protect you and the Queen ‘Angela’ for helping out our brothers in war.. the ‘Greeks’ who so have been needing your help…

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